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Building a website doesn’t need to be scary

A lot of people have doubts about working with a web designer to build their company website. The worry too much will be asked of them or that they aren't technical enough for the task. My question to them is "How well do you know your company, products, services, staff, and customers." If you can [...]
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The importance of a website’s Call to Action

Every website needs to have one or more goal behaviors for their visitors. We use Call to Action (CTA) to give visitors a clear and easy path towards satisfying those goals. There are several ways to present a CTA to your visitor: buttons, banners, images, and forms.  The end result of these CTAs can be […]

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The importance of picking up the phone

Every week I hear the same thing. “The developer I’m working with just won’t return my phone calls/emails. It has been a week. I need to move on.”   What is it about our industry that allows this kind of behavior? How bad have we estimated projects or overextended our resources that we don’t even […]

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33,000 websites are hacked every day

This map shows real time website hacking attempts. You can see a flurry of hacks coming from Eastern Europe and China. People often ask me why anyone would want to hack their website. Well… are three main reasons they want to breach your security. They want your website to send out spam. They want data […]

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The Essential Child Theme

There is a disturbing trend I’ve been noticing when taking over websites from previous developers: No Child Theme. A child theme is essential because it allows you to make edits to the look and feel and functionality of the website without losing them on a theme update. Themes must be updated to keep them secure. […]

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